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    Know Your Fighting Skills

    By Drazhen

  2. Got some upgrades. New ball top and new buttons. I love how it looks.

  3. sammiewei:

    after work 。

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  4. xombiedirge:

    Udon’s Art of Capcom Cover by Hanzo Steinbach & James Ghio

    Wrap-around SDCC 2014 exclusive cover by Joe Ng / Tumblr

  6. saithesupersaiyan:

    Dat Ganondorf tho


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  7. quartercirclejab:

    "But Akuma had somehow done what no one else ever had- he had survived the deadliest of my techniques. I could have finished him then and there, but I was far too intrigued by his abilities to end his life. Instead, I spared him, agreeing to face him again after he had mastered his arts." - Street Fighter II #4

    Still kind of blows my mind that out of all possible matchups for the grand finals of EVO2013, this is the one we got. So awesome.

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    City Hunter

    Jackie Chan cross-dresses as Chun Li

    This is all.

    excuse me but this is the greatest thing, so

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